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Our Client Relationships

We maintain and grow our relationships by educating our clients on all the various services we provide.  Our team is there to make sure your level of comfort is considered with our guidance.  We take the time to educate you on various strategies to the extent that you are interested.  It is important that we take into consideration various aspects of your current and future financial needs and goals in order to customize a plan that’s right for you.  Creating, maintaining, and deepening these close relationships is our priority, all while making sure our clients understand their plans and investment strategies are designed with them at the center.

We evaluate our clients’ financial pictures and provide periodic reviews with clients based on their preferences.  At minimum, comprehensive planning reviews are held annually, and performance portfolio updates are held either semi-annually or quarterly – whichever you prefer.  These meetings can be in-person or via phone, but whenever possible, we try to see each of our clients in-person at least once a year.  These meetings entail receiving life updates, reviewing performance and allocation, discussing capital markets and broader market-related themes, and updating your plan as needed.